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I’m a mechanical engineer by trade but have always sought to satisfy my need to create and make things through hobbies. Working with concrete started as a hobby during the Covid lockdown in the spring of 2020, and has since evolved into an all-consuming passion.

Concrete is an amazing medium.  There are so many variables that contribute to its cured look and feel – from the ratio of sand to cement, to the water content, to the temperature and humidity at which it cures. The more I learn, but more I realize how little I know – and this keeps me motivated to head out the studio every day.

All of my products are custom designed. It starts with a design in CAD which is then 3D printed. This print is sanded smooth and sealed and serves as the source for a platinum cured silicone mold. Concrete is then cast in these molds. After curing, each piece is sanded, sealed. Cork or urethane bumpers are added to the bottom for the protection of your surfaces. 

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